Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)

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This novel is the sequel to The Class of 86, in which Jake Simon is the protagonist. Evil forces threaten to cover the human world with darkness. Shayna, a faerie warrior of the Light is sent to the human world to prevent that from happening and must convince a human to help her. When she reveals her true self to Detective Pierce Cochran, his world is thrust upside down. Everything he believed to be a fairy tale is true. Magic and weaponry collide as the mismatched group of warriors race toward the final battle. Note that these Christian ebook deals were published some time during the week… the deal price may not still be available.

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As she tries to predict the team she thinks will win, she trips over handsome videographer Rand Melton and loses her focus. A hulking wildlife officer protects Tinsley, but Rand awakens to a cloud of unbelievable wildlife activity once she trusts him with the hidden treasure. Animosity abounds from the experts on down, but the snakes insist on having the final say. Christmas descends on the picturesque town of Cary, North Carolina, and William pulls out all the stops to win her over. Will love bridge the gap between this wealthy hero and heroine who has to work hard to help support her family?

But before she is able to make an offer, someone else buys the house. Just as she prepares for a fight, she learns that the very person who stole her dream is the man who has also stolen her heart. For Shelby Smith, enough is enough. After six years of working the BBQ Lunch Special under the overbearing eye of grumpy Great Aunt Beula, Shelby is ready to get out of Dodge… until a handsome, young, newcomer walks into the cafe one frosty February morning.

Can Chase Tanner change the direction this city wannabe is heading, and help to heal a family at the same time? She has no desire to change… until she sees her childhood playmate, Jesse Drake, now a strapping cattle rancher next door. Amy can barely stand the sight of a tumbleweed, and refers to Country Western radio as the Book of Job put to music. Will their longtime tradition of making tamales on Christmas Eve be enough to bring them back together? Garcia — When a blizzard traps the Campana family in their trailer on Christmas Eve with no electricity, internet, gifts, or Christmas decorations, will they drive each other crazy or will they discover the true reason for the season?

A Tamale Christmas — Linda K.

  • Night and Day (Twentieth Century Classics).
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Will the secret one of them carries keep them apart or will God perform another Christmas miracle? Have Yourself A Merry Little Cocoa — Cynthia Marcano — Every Christmas, Isidora Lopez tries to spend her way into the hearts of those she loves, while Firefighter Gabriel Ramirez has spent his, trying to move on from a lost one, until a chance encounter unexpectedly sparks both their lives. Forced to rent out her childhood home next door to make ends meet, Holly Ewing finds herself battling the aggravating new renter.

Best-selling author, Noel Ryan, rents a home on Lake Bethel, a three month escape from the distractions of home. He soon discovers that Holly is a diversion in her own right. When difficult situations bring them together, will they stop battling long enough to discover what they truly want before Christmas separates them? Skye Blue is tired. When Skye reaches her limit, she packs a bag and runs away from it all…and headlong into Sam. Sam Madison is a battle-hardened former Marine who can face an enemy combatant without blinking.

He is also a man dedicated to serving God by working with those military vets that society often rejects. How can love develop between a woman who hides from her problems and a man who has never considered backing down? Simon Carter moved from New York City to sleepy Turn Back, a town in the rugged hills of southeast Missouri on the road to nowhere, to find some peace and solitude.

He thought it would be the perfect place to protect his daughter, Bucky, and her secret and to shield her from the world. Little did he realize that when Bucky befriended the elderly women of the Lukefahr Ladies Bible Class, it would set in motion events which would transform the town and lead to discoveries that would attract world-wide attention.

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What or who was behind the events that unfolded that summer and why was everyone dreaming the same dreams? Nurse Erin Bruns is compelled to leave the clinic for a medical mission, but family challenges erupt, including an estranged father and issues regarding her heritage and background. When Doctor Tyler Kendrick is hired, he is promised and insists on a full, experienced staff since he knows what can happen without one, as he harbors a secret deep inside.

Can Erin overcome more family turmoil and can Ty surrender control of his career plans when they take an unexpected turn? Will Ty and Erin be able to let go and let God, to have a relationship? Laura Worth answers an advertisement for a bride and leaves Missouri to meet her groom in Montana. When she gets there, she realizes her husband-to-be, Ben Cooper, has no knowledge of having sent for her. She is devastated, even more so when she breaks a precious heirloom. As Christmas approaches, the two wonder whether their marriage will hold the love and intimacy God intended it to have.

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Will Ben win the heart of his unexpected gift? When Mary Ann Williams was a teenager, her daddy fell from the lofty pedestal on which she had placed him. It will take a miracle to restore her trust in him and all men. Orphaned Doug Palmer searched for a somewhere and a someone. When he enlisted, the U. Marine Corps became his somewhere. Proving himself trustworthy to Mary Ann will be a monumental task hindered by a roadblock named Roxie.

After calling off her engagement, Belle Davis needs to get as far away from Los Angeles as she can. Not to mention, winning the grand prize would help her with a fresh start. Beadle just wants to find the real lost gold of that has eluded his family for over a century, then get the heck out of Dodge.

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When God calls her, she answers reluctantly, and must first come to grips with depression, crippling loss, and addiction before being restored. Providence takes her by the hand as she marries her French husband, works with him in a humanitarian effort in East Africa, before settling down in France and building a family. Colorado rancher Rait Danner hires a restoration expert right out of college and figures he can step back and let her take the lead — until Serena Thornton turns out to be the far side of pretty.

Taking a deeper look at her upright character might mean ignoring the irritation of her fashionably torn jeans — if only he could stop focusing on the tatters to let love win out.


While serving the mister and missus, these maids, companions, and scullery maids find that love can be found anywhere. Includes the following titles:. That same summer, an Italian bus boy, Johnny Marino, is returning for his third summer. It takes some time for Johnny to work up the nerve to ask the beautiful new waitress out on a date. The only drawback: she is on a honeymoon for one. When the local adventure hiking guide tries to warn the blonde lady that a monsoon is expected, it is lost in translation. Why worry about a chance of rain when the sky is blue and the sun is shining? He was talked into doing an interview by a self-serving friend and ended up at the top of the list, drawing all sorts of unwanted attention.

Jaded by a failed engagement, all he wants to do is focus on growing his business, Titan Enterprises, but when he has a chance encounter with a woman at a restaurant, he is instantly intrigued by her. To support herself, she waits tables at The Spot, a posh restaurant on the upper west side of Manhattan. She is taken by surprise when she accidentally bumps into a handsome stranger while headed to work.

Until Lilly (UNTIL #3) - Aurora Rose Reynolds

That is, until a couple days later when he ends up being seated in her section and he turns out to be her boss. As a result, Kate finds herself with an eccentric aunt in an unfamiliar place. Lieutenant Clay Harris, a handsome Confederate officer, offers a chance for romance, but his actions make Kate question his character. Who can she trust — her ally or her enemy? Holden Jenkins receives a diagnosis that alters the course of his life.

His slow recovery is pockmarked with discouragement and puts his future in question. Will he ever again walk without pain?

Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1) Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)
Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1) Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)
Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1) Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)
Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1) Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)
Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1) Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)
Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1) Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)
Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1) Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)
Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1) Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)
Winter Sanctuary (The Love of Lily and Jessa Book 1)

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