When Everything Looks Wrong

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Hello there! But I didn t really understood the connection wind-threshold.

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If the wind is to low i. We reduced the backscatter threshold shift for low wind conditions - as slicks and calm water will be very similar you need to search for a smaller difference in backscatter from the already low water return. At higher winds you will see more of a drop in backscatter from oil and so it is easier to find slicks. We adapted some windspeed thresholds from the Brekka and Solberg paper which they also adapted from older papers and changed the values accordingly. But if I am not wrong probably i am … is this the number of all the pixels belonging to all the different poligons found by the algorithm as oilspill?

ABraun con20or. This allows you to exclude many very small areas. Cluster in this case refers to separable areas of pixels. The term polygons is more related to vector areas. The default value is 0. According to what i ve read on the help and what you said with the previous post all the groups of contiguous pixels that have a smaller number of pixels should be deleted.

Am I right or not? An award is a prize. Musicians win Grammy Awards. Car companies win J. Power awards. Employees win Employee of the Month awards. Think of an award as the result of a contest or competition. A reward is something given in return for effort, achievement, hard work, merit, etc. A sales commission is a reward. A bonus is a reward.

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A free trip for landing the highest number of new customers is a reward. Be happy when your employees win industry or civic awards, and reward them for the hard work and sacrifices they make to help your business grow. Use between when you name separate and individual items. Take "The team will decide between Mary, Marcia, and Steve when we fill the open customer service position.

Use among when there are three or more items but they are not named separately. Like, "The team will decide among a number of candidates when we fill the open customer service position. You haven't named them separately, so among is correct. And we're assuming there are more than two candidates; otherwise you'd say between. If there are two candidates you could say, "I just can't decide between them. Both have to do with objects you move or carry.

The difference is in the point of reference: You bring things here and you take them there. You ask people to bring something to you, and you ask people to take something to someone or somewhere else. Compliment means to say something nice. Complement means added to, enhanced, improved, completed, or brought close to perfection.

everything looks correct, whats wrong?

I can compliment your staff and their service, but if you have no current openings you have a full complement of staff. Or your new app may complement your website. Both words come from the root continue, but they mean very different things. Continuously means never ending.

Hopefully your efforts to develop your employees are continuous, because you never want to stop improving their skills and their future. Continual means whatever you're referring to stops and starts. You might have frequent disagreements with your co-founder, but unless those discussions never end which is unlikely, even though it might feel otherwise , then those disagreements are continual. That's why you should focus on continuous improvement but plan to have continual meetings with your accountant: The former should never, ever stop, and the other mercifully should.

A criterion is a principle or standard. If you have more than one criterion, those are referred to as criteria. But if you want to be safe and you only have one issue to consider, just say standard or rule or benchmark. Then use criteria for all the times there are multiple specifications or multiple standards involved.

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Discreet means careful, cautious, showing good judgment: "We made discreet inquiries to determine whether the founder was interested in selling her company. Discrete means individual, separate, or distinct: "We analyzed data from a number of discrete market segments to determine overall pricing levels. Elicit means to draw out or coax. Think of elicit as the mildest form of extract. If one lucky survey respondent will win a trip to the Bahamas, the prize is designed to elicit responses. Illicit means illegal or unlawful, and while I suppose you could elicit a response at gunpoint, you probably shouldn't.

Every day means, yep, every day -- each and every day. If you ate a bagel for breakfast each day this week, you had a bagel every day.

Everyday means commonplace or normal. Decide to wear your "everyday shoes" and that means you've chosen to wear the shoes you normally wear. That doesn't mean you have to wear them every single day; it just means wearing them is a common occurrence. Another example is along and a long: Along means moving in a constant direction or a line, or in the company of others, while a long means of great distance or duration.

You wouldn't stand in "along line," but you might stand in a long line for a long time, along with a number of other people. A couple more examples: a while and awhile , and any way and anyway.

If you're in doubt, read what you write out loud. To evoke is to call to mind; an unusual smell might evoke a long-lost memory. To invoke is to call upon something: help, aid, or maybe a higher power. So hopefully all your branding and messaging efforts evoke specific emotions in potential customers.


Standard shader looks incorrect on mobile (weird colors) - Unity Answers

But if they don't, you might consider invoking the gods of commerce to aid you in your quest for profitability. Farther involves a physical distance: "Florida is farther from New York than Tennessee. So, as we say in the South and that "we" has included me , "I don't trust you any farther than I can throw you," or "I ain't gonna trust you no further. Use "less" when referring to items you can't or haven't tried to count, like "less time" or "less money.

Anyone who has children uses good more often than he or she should. Since kids pretty quickly learn what good means, "You did good, honey" is much more convenient and meaningful than "You did well, honey. Good is an adjective that describes something; if you did a good job, then you do good work. Well is an adverb that describes how something was done; you can do your job well. Where it gets tricky is when you describe, say, your health or emotional state. I'm looking for the a song, quite modern, first heard it in British female singer.

The lyric I remember is "Boy you're picture perfect" and it's about a lying and deceitful boyfriend. Trying to find this song "I know, I know, I know But you and I We come and go, we come and go" It's like soft rock, really soothing and chill. Stuck in my head.

When Everything Looks Wrong
When Everything Looks Wrong
When Everything Looks Wrong
When Everything Looks Wrong
When Everything Looks Wrong

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