Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2)

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Edward: Just another victim of the Spanish influenza epidemic. Emmett: Mauled by a bear. Alice: Was transformed in order to prevent James from hunting and killing her. Bella: Childbirth complications.

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Pulverized pelvis, shattered spine, the hole her husband bit in her uterus The Quileute werewolves: The gene that causes them to phase which all members of their tribe apparently possess is only triggered when there is a significant vampire presence i. Otherwise, they would have remained human.

Also, despite his actual age, Edward. It could be argued that Bella is this through the whole series until she becomes a vampire she's constantly miserable in Edward's absence despite the fact that she gets straight A's with little effort, her father makes little or no effort to control her and everyone loves her. Any other teenager would be thrilled to have her life. Emotional Maturity Is Physical Maturity : It doesn't matter if a character is a hundred years old or one, their maturity level will correspond to their physical appearance. Actually a plot point — children turned into vampires never mature or learn the consequences of their actions , and cannot be trusted not to simply slaughter a village whenever they get hungry.

Averted by Renesmee. The Empath : Jasper, who has the ability to control other people's emotions as well as feel them himself. Jane seems like an inversion, as she can make you feel pain but seems unable to feel other people's pain, but it is at least somewhat plausible that she started out a regular empath who devoted her abilities to torturing people for Aro, and now that seems to be all she does. Enemy Mine : The climax of Eclipse has the Quileutes and Cullens working together to defeat a vampire army headed by Victoria.

When the Romanian vampires show up uninvited to join the Cullens' group in Breaking Dawn , they explicitly state that they don't care whether or not Renesmee is an immortal child as the Volturi believe. They're just thrilled that someone is finally willing to stand up to their old enemies, the Volturi, and they want in on it. Enfant Terrible : Babies who turn into vampires. Although they're never seen in the series , the description of one is enough to freak Bella out. Erotic Dream : Thanks to one of these, Bella gets Edward to have sex with her again while she's still human!

Eternal Love : Seems to be treated as the best part of being a vampire: you can be with your true love for all eternity. Or at least until the sun goes supernova.

Everybody Hates Mathematics : Bella hates maths; it's her worst subject. The Everyman : Bella Swan, often lampshaded by Edward. Express Delivery : Oh boy. After Edward and Bella get pregnant the first time they have sex, they realize that the baby is growing too fast. In fact, the baby quickly tries to "eat" its way out of Bella , so Edward has no choice but to perform a caesarean on Bella. With his teeth, because they are the only thing sharp enough to cut through the protective barrier around the foetus.

The damage the baby and the caesarean causes force Edward to turn Bella into a vampire. Fainting : Bad news usually causes Bella to collapse. As does Edward kissing her, once. And a teeny tiny drop of blood.

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And a few other things. Fan-Art : Much of this is pretty snarky. However, there is some serious work out there that's worth taking a look at, as with most fandoms. Fanservice : Considering that by the time the fourth movie came out it was extremely common in both popular media, fandom, and anti-fandom to point out the number of times the movies went out of their way to feature Taylor Lautner's bare chest, it's very hard to read Jacob dramatically ripping off his shirt in the first thirty seconds of Breaking Dawn, Part One as anything other than the screenwriters' snarky acknowledgement of how silly things had gotten.

In the first film, while Bella and Edward are first kissing in her bedroom, Bella has no pants on. Fantastic Racism : Vampires and werewolves. The vampires, including the Cullens, are strongly prejudiced against humans. Bella accepts fairly easily that vampires are superior to human beings, never wondering why, if this is true, that the Volturi are so dedicated to keeping a supposedly inferior species from finding out about the handful of vampires in the world. Fatal Attractor : Edward would like to believe he is this.

Cut out any sentence paying tribute to Edward's godly, wondrous, Adonis-esque physique, and you'll lose maybe more than a third of each book. Even New Moon , which he was only in half of. Fetus Terrible : The only people who seem convinced that Bella's child is a good thing are Bella and Rosalie. Everyone else just wants her to abort it. Considering that it began feeding on its mother's blood while in the womb, then tried to go after a cup of blood her mother spilled while still in the womb, destroying her mother's pelvis and breaking her spine in half in the process, it might have been a good idea.

Apparently, Carlisle has a controlling interest in the blood product company Immuncor. Foe-Tossing Charge : In the final battle in the last film, Alice kills or throws aside several Volturi mooks in order to get to Jane. Even if one hasn't read Eclipse the title pretty much gives it away.

When Sam orders him to help destroy the Cullens and Bella , he remembers that he was born to be the Alpha but he had voluntarily given up the birthright. Choosing to become the Alpha frees Jacob from obeying Sam's orders. Freakiness Shame : Bella's positive reaction to Edward's sparkly skin and odd eyes. Friendless Background : Bella. Friendly Neighborhood Vampires : The Cullens, not very social but not intentionally harmful. From a Certain Point of View : Meyer in famously claimed that vampires are unable to reproduce.

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When Bella later got knocked up, she went back and used Weasel Words to try and claim she actually meant that only female vampires can't have kids all along evidently by claiming an obscure definition of "have". From a Single Cell : When Bella is transformed, she goes from starved and skelletor-y to healthy-looking with curves by venom alone. Fur Against Fang : Vampires and werewolves really, really hate each other, although Edward and Jacob make friends pretty quickly as soon as Jacob finds out he imprinted on Edward's infant child , despite the decades of hate.

Which doesn't upset anyone except Bella, and only enough for her to try and kill him.

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Seth seems to get along with the Cullens. There really is no reason why there's so much animosity between them. The werewolves have an excuse to be wary of vampires because one of them attacked and slaughtered their tribe.

The vampires, on the other hand, just seem to innately hate werewolves. Genki Girl : Alice. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!

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Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul : Jasper can control the emotions of those around him, and according to Bella, it's impossible to feel anything but what he wants you to feel. It's also not a matter of discussion or consent. Jacob: Bloody annoying, that's what it is, only you can't be annoyed until after. Charlie Swan : Bella, do not ever do that to me again. And you're grounded for the rest of your life. It doesn't work.

Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2) Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2)
Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2) Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2)
Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2) Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2)
Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2) Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2)
Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2) Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2)
Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2) Vampire Twilight (Vampire Trilogy Pt. 2)

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