The Merchant of Venice

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During the second half of the play, Portia and Natessa cross-dress in order to spy on Bassanio and all the other men. Portia has had the plan to dress up like a boy from the beginning.

The Merchant of Venice Summary: Overview of Merchant of Venice Plot

But, in the final act is it revealed that Portia, cross-dressed as the lawyer is the one who gave Antonio the money he needed. This is a very interesting note because women of this time could not live independently. She wants to be her own person instead of having to marry a man who will take care of her. Bassanio is the last to ask Portia for her hand in marriage, and surprisingly she accepts. During the final climax of the play, many fights ensue and right before Portia is going to walk out, Antonio pleads with her to stay and marry Bassanio. Portia and Antonio have these same feelings in common.

The Merchant of Venice

They are sad but want others to see them as happy. Lines ]. She wants to give light, and be true to herself and not be light, or betray herself.

This also goes for Antonio. Portia and Antonio cannot spread their inner light because they are forced to keep their secrets hidden. It is obvious that he is happy whenever Bassanio comes along, but he may just be putting up an act to make him believe that he is okay. Bassanio notices how strange Antonio acts.

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Whether Shakespeare intended it or not, Antonio is implied to be a closeted gay man trying to hide it from everyone around him. The only person who may know is Bassanio because they rely on one another. As for Portia, whether she is happy to be with Bassanio or not, she knows that she is different. If Shakespeare too was a homosexual, then this was his way of trying to come out to the general public. He knew his stories would be famous someday. Writing has been my passion. I love creating stories from fiction, poetry, fanfiction, and I even enjoy writing reviews about movies and plays.

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The Shakespeare of literature. The Beethoven of music. Later in the19th century, the actor Henry Irving imbued Shylock with so much dignity that it unbalanced the play and he ended the play after the trial scene.

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His comedy is both grotesque and uncomfortable, typified by his anguish between the loss of his daughter and the loss of his ducats. It is this grotesque extremity that provides the humour. Not that the Christians escape criticism. Typically, Shakespeare leaves it to us to decide who comes off best in the trial.

He merely presents things as they are, and every generation since the play was first performed has had a different response. If Shylock represents the darkness at the heart of this play, then Portia shines throughout like a beacon of love. If too, Shylock is thrift, then Portia is chance.

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Her very future and happiness depend on it. It is an act of love. For Portia, love is the only wealth, and it must be generously shared for it to grow. Portia displays her generosity too towards Lorenzo and Jessica in giving them a home at Belmont, and as the play draws to a close the young men, Bassanio and Gratiano, used to Venetian ways, begin also to learn that love ultimately is more powerful than money. Money dominates this play, but Shakespeare is by no means intent on showing that wealth has benefited the Christians. Say when? The Venetian Christians look at Shylock, corrupted by his obsession with money, and they see themselves; what they could become.

This explains the public vehemence against Shylock shown by pleasure-seekers like Gratiano at the trial. The message of love is carried by the imagery of music throughout the play. Music is integral to the text; its rhythm and melody are in the verse throughout the play, but the imagery is specifically used to lift Act V after the dramatic trial scene. Bassanio sails to Belmont, where the wealthy heiress Portia is being courted by suitors from around the world. Her father's will requires that the successful suitor solve a riddle involving chests of gold, silver, and lead.

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Where others have failed, Bassanio succeeds by selecting the right chest. Portia marries Bassanio; her waiting woman, Nerissa, marries his friend Gratiano.

Shylock is devastated. When Antonio cannot repay the loan, Shylock demands the pound of flesh. When the news reaches Belmont, Bassanio returns to Venice. Portia and Nerissa also travel to Venice, disguised as a lawyer and his clerk.

Portia uses the law to defeat Shylock and rescue Antonio. The Merchant of Venice was first printed as a quarto in Q1.

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That text seems to have served as the basis for the quarto Q2 , the First Folio F1 , and the quarto Q3.

The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice

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