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The Long Dance Home

Given his public remarks about not imposing an agreement, the odds that he will try to force one on both sides are slim to none.

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But the United States will need to press both sides hard. Such a treaty would require marshaling billions of dollars to deal with refugees and security, and congressionally approved American security guarantees to Israel, probably including the deployment of U. The Bush administration could then pass this achievement on to its successor, which could help the two sides work through the details and provide them with the support they need.

Above all, we must avoid another high-wire moment of truth like Camp David in , in which we pushed for a breakthrough without the means to achieve one. A second failure of this magnitude could well destroy for good the very idea of a negotiated two-state solution. We largely kept quiet as Israel confiscated land and took steps to attract more Israeli settlers to the West Bank.

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Between and , the settler population there doubled. However, the biggest threat to the Annapolis process is the schism within the Palestinian house itself. Abbas nominally controls 2. As long as it retains the capacity to assault Israel with rockets from Gaza and terrorist attacks from the West Bank, Hamas makes any agreement almost impossible to implement.

Right now, there are two masters on the Palestinian side. Abbas and Hamas have different patrons, and different visions of the future. Neither can knock the other out, and neither seems ready for reconciliation.

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The options for dealing with this difficult reality are few. No longer. Success would buck up our friends in the region and either help change the behavior of our adversaries or keep them on the defensive. Perhaps because the Arab world is so dysfunctional and so divided on other issues, the Palestinian grievance resonates broadly and deeply in the Middle East.

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Thinking back on my diplomatic career, I believe there ought to be a diplomatic equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath: Above all, do no harm. Avoiding costly mistakes is harder than you might imagine for presidents and secretaries of state concerned about their legacies, pressured by time, and lacking a full grasp of the dangers of overreaching at the end of their tenure. We also need strategies toward the Middle East that are bipartisan and generational in conception, creating continuity between one administration and another.

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We should get over our obsession with doctrines and neatly packaged grand concepts. There is no single doctrine or concept that can encompass all the challenges that face us, particularly in this area of the world where so many complex forces are at work. Still, there is one thing that we must and can do: start maintaining a fanatical commitment to seeing the world as it is, not as we want it to be or as others want us to see it.

It made no sense to go for a make-or-break summit at Camp David in , for example. In analyzing incorrectly what would be required from each side to complete a deal, we made a serious mistake, with serious consequences. For the Bush administration, the challenge of seeing the world clearly is particularly acute because too much of its view has been shaped by a conception of reality that, in the cases of Iraq and even democratization, is not real or in line with the situation on the ground.

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Julie Mayerson Brown. What is a meticulous, exacting perfectionist to do when her life spins out of control? Cece Camden has a plan-for work, for love, for life-and she believes she is right on track. But on her 29th birthday, her grand plan begins to unravel, and the disciplined, former ballerina's life is turned upside down. Newly unemployed and devastated to learn she and her boyfriend are not on the same page, Cece returns to Clearwater, her hometown in Northern California wine country, hoping to find comfort for her broken heart with her family. Being back in Clearwater, however, only adds to her stress, when she reluctantly agrees to help rescue a small-town, Christmas production of The Nutcracker. Having once been the ballerina that would make Clearwater famous, Cece's return attracts attention, inspires gossip, and forces Cece to examine a decision she made years before at the most vulnerable time of her life.

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  • The Long Dance Home The Long Dance Home
    The Long Dance Home The Long Dance Home
    The Long Dance Home The Long Dance Home
    The Long Dance Home The Long Dance Home
    The Long Dance Home The Long Dance Home
    The Long Dance Home The Long Dance Home

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