The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED

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Initially senior intelligence officers at the Air Ministry believed the 'flying bombs' were of Soviet origin, possibly as V2 rockets from the captured Nazi rocket plant at Peenemunde.

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Jones, who became Director of Intelligence at the Air Ministry in , was skeptical of this theory. Drawing upon his wartime experiences, he believed the scare was triggered by sightings of bright daylight meteors in countries which feared Soviet expansion. Reports of ghost rockets preceded by six months the first sightings of 'flying saucers' over the mainland of the United States. In December the newly created US Air Force set up a project, code-named Sign to"the phenomenon reported is something real and not imaginary or fictitious".

British Government interest, During the spring and summer of that year a large number of 'flying saucer' sightings were made in Britain for the first time and the news media began to take an interest. Two Sunday newspapers serialised the first books on the topic that had been published in the USA and this led a number of senior figures both in the establishment and the scientific community to treat the subject seriously for the first time. Mountbatten was one of a small group of influential military officials who believed UFOs were real and of interplanetary origin.

He is best known for his work on the development of radar before the Second World War. The Flying Saucer Working Party operated under such secrecy that its existence was known to very few.

Officials worried in ’50s UFO hysteria might foil U.S. defenses

What can it mean? What is the truth? Let me have a report at your convenience". The response, dated 9 August , began "The various reports about unidentified flying objects, described by the Press as 'flying saucers', were the subject of a full intelligence study in".

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These revealed how the working party was established in August under these terms of reference. To examine from now on the evidence on which reports of British origin of phenomena attributed to 'Flying Saucers' are based. To keep in touch with American occurrences and evaluation of such. The working party included five intelligence officers, one from each of the three armed services.

This team reviewed what was known about the subject and investigated a number of sightings reported to it by RAF Fighter Command.

CIA releases thousands of TOP-Secret UFO Files

During their inquiries they questioned a group of test pilots from RAE Farnborough who had reported sightings of aerial phenomena. In June the working party produced a final report that debunked the sightings and concluded that flying saucers did not exist. The working party concluded with the following statement: We accordingly recommend very strongly that no further investigation of reported mysterious aerial phenomena be undertaken, unless and until some material evidence becomes available.

US policy was to debunk the subject and restrict the release of information to the public about UFO sightings made by the armed services. Air Ministry investigations After the report was delivered the team was dissolved and investigations ended. However, during the summer of the following year a new wave of sightings were made across the world. The scare made headlines across the world and led Winston Churchill to send his famous memo to the Air Ministry on 'flying saucers.

Ex-UFO program chief: We may not be alone

The most dramatic were those reported by a group of Shackleton aircrew who saw a circular silver object appear above the airfield at RAF Topcliffe in North Yorkshire. In a report made to the base Commanding Officer one of the men, Flt. The order said it was important that details of sightings made by RAF personnel and from radar stations should be carefully examined and its release 'controlled officially. From reports from all sources were sent to DDI Tech for 'examination, analysis and classification'. None of these summaries have survived before The existence of this summary came to light in May when the Conservative MP Major Patrick Wall asked the Secretary of State for Air, in a Parliamentary Question, if he would publish the "report on flying saucers recently completed by the Air Ministry.

About 90 percent of the reports have been found to relate to meteors, balloons, flares and many other objects. The fact that the other 10 percent are unexplained need be attributed to nothing more sinister than lack of data. The residue of 10 percent 'unexplained' sightings that remained UFOs or, as the Air Ministry preferred, 'insufficient information , explains the policy decision to continue collecting reports to the present day. The reasons given in the AMSIS article were that "there is always the chance of observing foreign aircraft of revolutionary design.

The Air Ministry was careful to qualify this interest with this caveat: " The Joint Intelligence Committee JIC initiated inquiries into 'aerial phenomena' on two occasions during the late s. MoD investigations present. From a civilian Air Staff secretariat branch known as S6 Air took over responsibility for dealing with public relations on the topic of UFOs.

During that year an S6 desk officer said their policy would be 'politely unhelpful' in response to any public or press inquiry on the subject. In effect this meant that from this point onwards two separate branches of the Air Ministry were involved in dealing with the UFO problem. Tech was responsible for investigating reports and assessing their defence significance, whilst S6 Air fielded questions from members of the public, the press and MPs. In the Air Ministry became part of the new Ministry of Defence and the three separate service intelligence sections of the Army, Navy and RAF were merged under a new unified structure.

Although more than 11, UFO reports have been logged by DI55, S4 Air and a number of other MoD branches between and , no detailed studies have been carried out on the accumulated data until relatively recently. Following a new wave of sightings in the Government faced a series of Parliamentary questions on their UFO investigations and policy.

In his report dated November Carruthers says MoD had kept a statistical analysis of UFO reports received since "and has found no evidence to suggest [UFOs] have other than mundane explanations. There was never any British equivalent of the publicly funded study by the University of Colorado on behalf of the USAF that was completed in Of this total remained unexplained. The main findings of the US study were that:.

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Little, if anything, had come from the study of UFOs in the past 21 years that added to scientific knowledge;. Further extensive study of UFO sightings was not justified in the expectation that science will be advanced thereby. Incidently, this sighting does not appear in the list of Project Blue Book unidentified sightings.

The object was reportedly moving westward at an altitude of 50, feet and speed of 2, kts. In a subsequent briefing for representatives of the IAC, the US Air Force reported that the original reports had been degraded somewhat by information that: a there was an 11 minute break in the tracks; b weather conditions in the area were of the type which have in the past produced false radar pips and electronic interference; c B's of SAC were in the area near Chicago on an ECM training flight. The ADC has not completed its investigation of this incident, but in any event it now seems clear that the phenomena reported west of Buffalo were not related to the UFO.

We have no intelligence on Soviet activities e. We believe it unlikely that a Soviet aircraft could conduct a mission at this speed and altitude and return to Bloc territory. However, we credit the USSR with the capability to have a submarine-launched cruise-type missile of low subsonic [supersonic] performance and a range of about n. We have examined possible Soviet motives for launching a one-way vehicle on an operation over the US, and consider that there would be little motivation at this time, except possibly a psychological or retaliatory motive, which we believe is marginal.

One-way reconnaissance operations are largely ruled out by the likelihood that the results would be of small value, and the risk of compromise would be very great. Considering the fact that the ADC investigation is incomplete, and that weather phenomena are increasingly likely explanations of the original reports, we recommend that no IAC meeting be called on this subject at this time.

Or we speak of them with ridicule and discard them to the wind, in order that God may send us a frightening punishment on account of our ungratefulness. After all, the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that He may avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may temporarily here and perpetually there, live as his children.

For it, may God grant us his help, Amen. Source: Colman S.


CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs,

The translation is by Ilse Von Jacobi. One of the first UFO reports in America. The event took place near the city of Boston. John Winthrop, governor of the Massachusetts colony wrote in his personal diary that in March of that year, inexplicable lights filled the sky, and several people reported losing the track of time. UFO in Northern Saskatchewan.


A declassified document dating back to details a mysterious UFO spotted in Northern Saskatchewan. The letter explains how in October of , a J. Hodges, regional representative of the Associate Committee on Meteorites of the National Research Council of Canada was handed a miniature metal fragment that had been discovered by an unnamed pilot of the CDL Crime Detection Laboratory.

The strange metallic object was discovered in the Wollaston Lake area, around miles from Prince Albert, near the Manitoba border. Artists rendering of advanced UFO technology. The fascinating six-page document is one of the first to speak about Extraterrestrial Biological Entities and indicates that the presence of UFOs is accepted by the military and has been for a long time.

You can read the entire document by clicking here. Even more interesting is perhaps the fact that Los Angeles has experienced the most UFO sightings, especially between and A massive object was picked up on the radar in the morning of February 25, before quickly disappearing again. The city went completely dark as Air Raid sirens started going off. Massive searchlights searched the sky for potential threats. One of the lesser known, but still interesting sightings.

The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED
The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED
The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED
The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED
The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED The CIAs Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 UNCLASSIFIED

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