Stem Cells Cancer & Me

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First 'off-the-shelf' cancer immunotherapy

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Role of stem cells in cancer therapy and cancer stem cells: a review

New concepts in liver regeneration. BMC Biol. Satyanarayana, A.

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1 Introduction

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Vermeulen, L. Wnt activity defines colon cancer stem cells and is regulated by the microenvironment. Von Figura, G.

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Role of telomere dysfunction in aging and its detection by biomarkers. Walter, J.

Cancer: 'Off-the-shelf' stem cell treatment enters clinical trial

General Pathology, 7th ed. Churchill Livingstone, New York. Wang, P. Cancer stem-like cells can be induced through dedifferentiation under hypoxic conditions in glioma, hepatoma and lung cancer.

Cancer Essentials – stem cells

Cell Death Discov. Wang, R. Comparison of mammosphere formation from breast cancer cell lines and primary breast tumors. Wang, Y. Wen, W. Wiemann, S. Hepatocyte telomere shortening and senescence are general markers of human liver cirrhosis. Xu, H. Yamanaka, S. Cell Stem Cell 7, 1—2. Yatabe, N. HIFmediated activation of telomerase in cervical cancer cells. Oncogene 23, — Stem cells show great promise for certain conditions, but their benefits for many diseases are far from proven Credit: Getty Images.

As well as underplaying the risks of these therapies, crowdfunding campaigns sometimes overstate its benefits. There is currently no proof that stem cell treatment is effective for autism, as Alycia Halladay, chief science officer at the Autism Science Foundation, wrote in Scientific American last year. Arnold Kriegstein, professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco, has similarly emphasised that recent autism trials using stem cell transplant have failed to confirm its efficacy, despite claims to the contrary. Using stem cell treatments in ALS is especially challenging.

At present, most trials are instead focused on using stem cells to create laboratory models of motor neurones on which drugs can be tested and disease mechanisms studied.

Spotlight on Cancer Stem Cell Research

That Journal of the American Medical Association study found Stem cell treatments appear to have lead to the growth of tumours in some patients Credit: Alamy. Sometimes the media has helped spread the unfounded hype. So, people are potentially crowdfunding for, and donors contributing to, putative stem cell treatments that have no stem cells.

Stem Cells Cancer & Me Stem Cells Cancer & Me
Stem Cells Cancer & Me Stem Cells Cancer & Me
Stem Cells Cancer & Me Stem Cells Cancer & Me
Stem Cells Cancer & Me Stem Cells Cancer & Me
Stem Cells Cancer & Me Stem Cells Cancer & Me
Stem Cells Cancer & Me Stem Cells Cancer & Me

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