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Meanwhile, they continued to import ideas along with coffee from Arabia and Persia. Thomas Aquinas. Biruni, who centuries ahead of his time hypothesized about the existence of the American continent, was in turn well-versed in Classical scholars like Aristotle and Ptolemy. Enlightenment engineers also imported ideas from ancient Greece and medieval Iraq, building toy automatons that were really the first robots.

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While we can safely say that the Enlightenment valued reason and logic, historians disagree on its timeframe and even what it was exactly. The Great Awakening , on the other hand, spurs less scholarly controversy. Like the Enlightenment, Christianity was used both to support and denounce slavery. Paris was the epicenter of the Enlightenment, but its philosophes lived throughout Europe, the British Isles, and small but enthusiastic outposts in colonial America.

They disagreed that God chose certain people to rule over others and instead promoted representative government — an idea that had been mostly dormant in Western history since Classical times but had been reviving in England and a few small pockets in continental Europe during the Renaissance.

Love, Lust and Enlightenment ..

This is a vivid and important example of Enlightenment thinkers reexamining traditional wisdom. Along with free trade, representative government was a cornerstone of Classical liberalism. British Americans carried on this republican, Radical Whig tradition in the 18th century, most famously Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. Locke and Jefferson were concerned with the political representation of middle-class men and above, but their descendants applied democracy more broadly.

You can see why Enlightenment critics see its philosophy as merely a self-serving justification for white male hegemony ; yet, you can also see how its ideas contained the seeds of a more universal revolution. With the republican genie out of the bottle , white male elites found it increasingly difficult to explain why they should run roughshod over everyone else.

Enlightenment political theory was also concerned with balance — reflected in the U.

Politics, like science, was a vehicle for progress and making the world a better place. Deists were religious, to be sure, but they rejected two central tenants of traditional religion. First, in the name of progress, they disagreed that everything important to know was already known.

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That notion is implicit in the very word enlightenment , along with future historical tags like Dark Ages to contrast the period behind them. Second, they rejected Scriptural revelation and the sovereign , father-figure conception of the Judeo-Christian God in favor of a more impersonal force having created the universe.

Their revelation was nature itself rather than Scripture, so science provided the path to the divine. While Deist ideas are still around today, it never formed into an organized church. The closest it came was the Cult of the Supreme Being or Festivals of Reason during the French Revolution in the s, but they never gained traction. Augustine CE that revered nature. Science and rationality, even if combined with a dash of mysticism, gave mankind its best hope for future progress in the eyes of Deists and natural theologians.

Like Thomas Jefferson, many adhered to what might better be termed pantheism : belief in a divinity infusing and animating all things.

The most famous and emblematic scientist of the era, Englishman Isaac Newton , was a Biblical scholar if not orthodox Christian and eschatologist and had more than a passing interest in the occult. Newton and Locke both believed in witchcraft, as did Robert Boyle , founder of modern chemistry and a pioneer of the scientific method.

Astronomer Galileo Galilei, telescope pioneer and early proponent of the idea that the Earth revolves around the Sun, was motivated by a strong sense of wonder and mysticism. Bruno, a Dominican friar, was first to see the big picture, including that other stars were like the Sun, likely with planets revolving around them, some perhaps with life cosmic pluralism. The Catholic Church burned Bruno at the stake in for pantheism. Protestants also encouraged science, indirectly by weakening the Catholic Church and directly by supporting education and literacy.

Enlightenment Science Isaac Newton was most famous, though, as a scientist. Newton formulated the general laws of motion and mechanics that dominated physics for the next centuries in Principia Mathematica His optical research led to prisms that dispersed white light into the colors of the rainbow.

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Put another way, there was a rhyme and reason to nature that transcended science. Contributors included luminaries such as Voltaire, Rousseau, and Montesquieu. Because of its secular emphasis and denunciations of ecclesiastical power, the Catholic Church banned its 28 volumes, but they delivered to subscribers in secret. The Swedish botanist took it upon himself to catalog all life forms under categories of family, genus, species, etc. Another example of Enlightenment categorizing was the study of elements at the University of Heidelberg, in Germany.

The table not only lists known elements, it predicts and explains their qualities based on its particular arrangement. If the Enlightenment had a modern creed, it might be that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence , even if its proponents made plenty of their own unsubstantiated claims. Because of his family connection, Penn went from being imprisoned to being awarded a tract of land in America larger than all of England — quite a reversal of fortune.

That way he could pay off his debt and get an agitator out of his hair or powdered wig at the same time. This was a bare bones form of Protestantism that Martin Luther never imagined.

Although I find the article's investigation into the commerce of self-fulfillment fascinating, this is a culture-wide malaise and pointing to E,P,L and Oprah as causes or perpetrators is crap. The article implies Gilbert was privileged and pampered, bumming around exotic locations on someones dime and thus her journey is an unrealistic model for those seeking self- actualization. She is a savvy, professional and empowered woman who negotiated a book deal. I can find no better example of self-fulfillment and actualization than a woman using her talent to pursue a journey that is spiritually, personally and professionally rewarding.

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That is not privilege; it's smart. Though there were many references to the way a handful of very successful women have inadvertently contributed to spiritual capitalism, the article is suspiciously absent of the male contributors. Deepak Chopra is a millionaire through his particular branding of spirituality inc, yet Oprah's mission is moving women away from genuine empowerment? This is like making Martha Stewart the example for insider trading, a game invented and run by men. To have a real discussion about why spirituality has become a commodity, perhaps the writer should look at the whole picture.

And perhaps, if she is very smart, empowered and spiritually centered already, she can get someone else to pay for it. Very interesting and well-written piece, although I would have liked a more extended explanation of what you consider "priv-lit" to entail. I, for example, feel alienated by books like Eat , Pray, Love and The Happiness Project, because of the assumption that readers are not clinically depressed, overweight, physically disabled, unemployed, and working class etc , all of which are true for me.

I've started to think there's a "happiness privilege", silly as that might sound — i. I think it's important, however, to draw a distinction between books articles, films which sell the ideal that one must spend money and navel-gaze to be content, and the fact that meditation, yoga, drinking veg juice, and yes, even seeing a life coach can actually be helpful and meaningful activities for some women. I don't begrudge any woman doing any of those things, but I do begrudge any implication I should do them because I'm inadequate. I haven't read Eat, Pray, Love, but here's another way to look at it.

Whether or not we like it, we live in a capitalist culture - a grossly privileged one at that. A wealthy white American woman spending money abroad could be viewed as an act of charity; a word that in certain Christian contexts means enlightenment. Simply contributing to the economy as a consumer is not an act of charity by any definition nor in any Christian context nor does "charity" mean "enlightenment" - I don't know where you go that. Gilbert's subsidized "pilgrimage" was insulting from the start, by its very premise.

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She basically pitched the idea to a publisher and then went seeking experiences and "local characters" she could vampire from to create her best-seller. I'm amazed she isn't being burned in effigy in Bali for her obnoxious colonialist behavior there. She is a true and thorough consumer, and not just of spiritual tourism but of actual human beings.

Again, vampiric. Why is this book anti-feminist? Because Gilbert is obsessed with male approval.

MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series) MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series)
MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series) MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series)
MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series) MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series)
MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series) MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series)
MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series) MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series)
MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series) MENAS ENLIGHTENMENT? New Love 2 (New Love Series)

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