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I’m only in my 20s. Am I too young for an HSA?

This is how my story went on: I left school with average grades and began to work for 4 years talking about a reality shift and during that time many things changed for me. I began to set myself goals. Ambitious goals that I wanted to achieve, not my parents or anyone else. After 4 years of hard work I went back to school and would take up my studies at university. At this point I was hungry to succeed, because I wanted to not my parents or anyone else. I would hang around with friends etc. Making him realize his future: Now I think your son would not be too motivated about the prospect of living with his parents for the next 10 years.

You can initiate him to the secret that he can accomplish many things in life by setting himself ambitious goals that hold out a very promising reward for him.

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness - Robert Waldinger

More on goal setting is in the article about getting motivated to study that I linked in the above. Do not fulfill all of his wishes: If your son has everything he ever wanted he becomes saturated; satisfied with his situation. Where should he get the motivation from to achieve something if he already has everything? Let him work for things that he wants from you: If he wants that new smartphone from you he will have to accomplish outstanding grades in school first. The alternative is that he goes out there, finds a side job and earns the money so that he can buy one himself.

Think about a reward-system I love the reward-system to get motivated to achieve ambitious goals. I once wanted to get my own laptop, so I set myself the goal of getting an excellent grade point average and rewarded myself with a laptop that I bought from the money I got after working for 4 weeks in the industrial sector during my semester break. Trust in your own intuition as a mother and you will be able to show him the right direction! I hope that helps and wish you good luck. Be patient, your son will grow up sooner or later and life will provide him the right experiences and challenges for him to do so!

As with many people, my cell phone was a constant distraction. Another huge distraction for me was the news. What I found when I excluded those things from my life was a surprising amount of focus and time. I had expected it to be very difficult, but instead found that I was far happier without those things.

4 Things a Wise Man Taught Me About Making the Most of This Short Life

Now my conversations with people are more meaningful, because they happen in person, not by text. Thanks a lot for your contribution. They can really get you out of balance and shift your focus toward really unimportant things. What a wise article you have wrote. It truly inspires me of some of the most wonderful key points we kept missing in life.

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We want to be real and give into the negative attitude that we may have been holding back. This is the reason why we chose to treat family worse than co-workers, friends or strangers. Handing your family the leftovers of your good mood and attention will not cultivate anything favorable. Your family deserves the best of you, not the worst!

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Much easier said than done. Ideas: after a workout in the car, before you fall asleep, or in the morning before everyone wakes up.

How would you feel? Truly play out the scenario in your mind.

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Allow yourself to feel the emotion from the hypothetical loss. Think of the days that would pass without them by your side, in bed at night, at the dinner table… or ever. Allow your heart to ache. Realize this feeling could become a reality. I warned you this was a bit morbid. We get bogged down in daily struggles and irritating tasks.

There is danger in this. If most of the thoughts you dwell on are negative, you will no doubt become a negative person.

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Negativity is infectious and not a pleasure to be around. Instead, dwell on the positives. Catch yourself in the act when you begin to gripe to yourself. Or better yet, laugh. Tip: If you notice your spouse getting upset, drop everything and go help! Tell them you love them and physically touch them in some way. Your support will mean the world to them, as this is when they need it the most.

Imparting kindness is what makes this world go round. Loving God and loving people are the two most important things we can do.

Says who? Jesus himself said it in Mark Before you can do what makes you happy, you need to discover just what that means. As we get older, the things that once gave us satisfaction and joy may not be fulfilling anymore. This is especially true after any major life changing event like marriage, having a kid, losing someone or buying a home.

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Our priorities change with life changing events, and so do our joys. Saturday mornings are now most enjoyable when you feel great and wake up early so you can play and give full attention to your new little family member. So the question comes, what do you do for fun on Friday night? Pay attention to this when big things happen in your life.

If you never take the time to figure out what makes you happy, guess what?

Making the Most of Life Making the Most of Life
Making the Most of Life Making the Most of Life
Making the Most of Life Making the Most of Life
Making the Most of Life Making the Most of Life
Making the Most of Life Making the Most of Life
Making the Most of Life Making the Most of Life
Making the Most of Life Making the Most of Life

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