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Caron noted that after her triumph in "La Rencontre," it was instant hostility from other female dancers, not shyness, that caused her to "rush home, undress and go to bed. Caron carried the youthful hurt of that evening long enough to describe it in "Curtain Call," one of the remarkable short stories she published in , in a collection significantly titled "Vengeance. The bitterness she once expressed about ballet life has now receded. Looking back, she recalled the creative atmosphere of postwar French ballet as exciting, and she remains fiercely loyal to Roland Petit -- the young choreographer who had just made his own name when he invited her as a teen-ager into his Ballets des Champs-Elysees in Caron said.

He felt he couldn't do ballet but he had great gifts. Although she pays tribute to Mr. Kelly for introducing her to a new range of dance styles, she considers Astaire the more natural dancer because "he had wonderful breath control.

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Dancing was Ms. Caron's birthright, and perhaps it was fate that her mother, who was American, was a dancer named Margaret Petit. I have seen certain numbers she created after Nijinsky. In one, she was dressed up as a faun. Caron's mother divorced her first husband, a banker from Seattle, after visiting Europe, where she fell in love with a well-to-do French pharmacist named Claude Caron.

Caron said, and in her view, she fullfilled the dance ambitions her mother had for herself.

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In , when Ms. Baryshnikov "was surprised at my good training. Caron's mother had in fact taken her to the best Russian teachers in Paris, including Olga Preobrajenska and Alexandre Volinine.

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By contrast, Ms. Caron hated the style of Jeanne Schwarz, a well-known French teacher at the National Conservatory of Dance because it was "regimented, with no romantic feeling.


Caron was discovered by Mr. Petit in the classes of the Russian-Armenian teacher known as Mme.

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La rencontre (French Edition) La rencontre (French Edition)
La rencontre (French Edition) La rencontre (French Edition)
La rencontre (French Edition) La rencontre (French Edition)
La rencontre (French Edition) La rencontre (French Edition)
La rencontre (French Edition) La rencontre (French Edition)
La rencontre (French Edition) La rencontre (French Edition)
La rencontre (French Edition) La rencontre (French Edition)

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