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In the United States, he has conducted at most of the major concert halls, including Chicago Orchestra Hall, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Carnegie Hall where he has conducted every year since He has conducted 45 all-state choirs, and numerous festival choirs in the United States.

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In the final analysis, Randall loves working with students and making a difference — that is the greatest contribution. Weber also serves as Director of the Houston Symphony Chorus. Internationally, Weber has led choirs to top prizes at prestigious competitions in Wales, France and Germany. He continues to serve as clinician, adjudicator, and consultant to choral conductors in matters of repertoire, manual conducting, and teaching techniques.

Sheppard continues to serve as conductor of the Festival Chorus for the Georgetown Festival of the Arts, a position he has held since He served as Conductor of Chorus Austin from to Until , he was the Director of the Conductors Institute of Southwestern University, serving conductors at all stages of professional development.

A devoted teacher, Dr. Sheppard has mentored many students who now hold positions as conductors and teachers in public schools, churches, and universities.

Heather Madrigal

Simpson is the recipient of the American Prize in Choral Conducting. Pearl Shangkuan is a highly sought after conductor, lecturer and clinician all across the United States and internationally. Her conducting, teaching and adjudicating engagements have taken her to Australia , Brazil , Canada , South Africa and all over Europe and Asia. Shangkuan has a signature choral series with earthsongs and edits the Calvin Choral series, published by GIA. She has conducted numerous All State choirs, ACDA division honor choirs, and other honor choirs and festivals nationally and internationally, and has headlined several ACDA state conferences.

She has also served on the jury of international choral competitions in Europe and Asia, and has been a guest faculty for many programs in the US. Under his direction, the Tabernacle Choir received numerous awards, including the coveted National Medal of Arts in a White House ceremony. Habermann is music director of the Santa Fe Desert Chorale, a voice professional chamber choir based in New Mexico. During his tenure the ensemble has been recognized for outstanding performances of repertoire ranging from choral-orchestral masterworks to innovative a cappella programs.

A passionate advocate for music education, Habermann has served on the faculties at San Francisco State University and the University of Miami, and worked with singers and conductors in master classes and honor choirs throughout the United States and abroad. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at the University of North Texas.

Franklin remains active as a guest conductor and clinician with frequent invitations across the United States. In addition to his duties at ECU, Franklin remains active as a singer. Prior to his conducting at the collegiate level, he taught public high school and middle school choir in Texas where he has often served as a clinician and adjudicator.

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A native Texan, Dr. She taught in the Texas public schools before teaching at Beloit College in Wisconsin and subsequently moving to Loyola in At Loyola, Dr. She teaches choral methods, beginning and conducting. The School of Music presents over public performances each concert season as a vibrant part of the cultural life of New Orleans. A frequent guest clinician and conductor, she has conducted all-state choirs in Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alaska, and Louisiana and honor choirs in 15 states.

She adjudicates for multiple music festivals each season, both in New Orleans and regionally. Murphy is an active clinician, adjudicator, author, and composer. Circuit Judges. Assignment chart Print directory. Judicial Assistant. Gail A. Adams Circuit. Schedule Dockets. Adams Gail Robinette ctjagr1 ocnjcc. Chad K. Alvaro Circuit. Alvaro Shenise Baker ctjasb1 ocnjcc. Alan S. Apte Circuit. Apte Brenda Velez ctjabv1 ocnjcc.

Jeffrey L.

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Ashton Circuit. Ashton Keitra Davis ctjakd3 ocnjcc. Elaine A. Barbour Circuit. Barbour Christine Bratek-Cohen ctjacb2 ocnjcc. Denise Kim Beamer Circuit. Denise Kim Beamer Sheri Bouffler ctjasb2 ocnjcc. Alice L. Blackwell Circuit. Blackwell Mark S. Blechman Circuit. Blechman Terry Marino ctjatm1 ocnjcc. Luis F.

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Calderon Circuit. Calderon Keith A. Carsten Circuit. Carsten Debbie Hafner ctjadh1 ocnjcc. Vincent S. Chiu Circuit. Chiu Krysta Robinson ctjakr3 ocnjcc. James Craner Circuit. Chamber Thomas S. James Craner Patricia A. Doherty Circuit. Doherty Clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease AD face difficulties in recruitment and retention similar to those faced by other clinical trials of interventions with potential risks and uncertain benefits [1].

Furthermore, AD clinical trials have unique challenges [1] , including the potential for impaired decision-making capabilities as a result of progressive cognitive decline and the requirement of study partners [2].

Recruitment and retention of a sufficient number of participants in trials are critical, particularly for randomized clinical trials and cohort studies. Failure to recruit and retain participants in a study may lead to invalid or inconclusive results, extend the clinical trial, or result in premature trial termination for operational futility [2] , [3] , [4].

In the current AD clinical trials era, there has been a significant shift toward preclinical and prodromal stages of the disease.

Several secondary prevention clinical trials are underway, targeting cognitively unimpaired individuals with genetic predisposition to the disease or with biomarker findings indicating increased risk of cognitive decline and AD pathology [5] , [6] , [7] , [8] , as well as studies of tertiary prevention in individuals with mild cognitive impairment and early treatment of people with mild AD dementia [9]. There is hope for primary prevention trials in the future, which will require novel strategies for outreach, recruitment, enrollment, adherence, and retention.

Extensive evaluations and experimental treatment are required in a community with little research experience. GNA identified possible factors, positive and negative, that could affect adherence and retention Fig. Consideration was given to socioeconomic, demographic, cultural, and regional characteristics of the study population in Colombia, relying on GNA's experience working with families with the PSEN1 EA mutation for more than 3 decades. Potential factors and barriers included participant and study partner circumstances, aspects of protocol design, sponsor and investigator characteristics, and cultural, political, and social factors.

Low education level and low income [3] may predispose to instability at work, more frequent job changes, and changes in work locations, relationships with employers, and responsibilities, factors that, in the aggregate, may be associated with high withdrawal rates. Young adults and single mothers are more likely to withdraw from clinical trials [3].


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Depression, a common manifestation of AD, is one of the strongest predictors of nonadherence to treatment, possibly resulting from associated pessimism, cognitive disturbance, social, and impaired motivation [13]. Impaired language skills, difficulty understanding risks, benefits, and requirements of the protocol, as well as cognitive deterioration related to AD, may also contribute to attrition [13]. Study partners provide information about cognitive, psychological, and functional status, compliance, and physical well-being of participants: this represents a significant time commitment.

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If symptoms of AD emerge in the participant, the study partner may become the participant's legal representative and caregiver, which would entail even more commitment and responsibility [1].

Heather Hadrigal Heather Hadrigal
Heather Hadrigal Heather Hadrigal
Heather Hadrigal Heather Hadrigal
Heather Hadrigal Heather Hadrigal
Heather Hadrigal Heather Hadrigal
Heather Hadrigal Heather Hadrigal

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