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Duddleswell, is a bit of a prickly pear. Nobody calls him by his first name, the housekeeper and he are at each other constantly, even though we do get the feeling it is a game of one-ups-manship between them most in fun. Anyway, I like Fr. Tim better, but I'm going to try to continue the Bless Me series to see if I warm to the characters. Wish me luck. The first in the series, Bless Me, Father introduces us to mainstay characters and Father Neil's starting point in his ordained duties at St. I have been reading the books a bit out of order, and it didn't really hurt the enjoyment of the books that followed.

In fact, Boyd's narrative skills grow in time. This book is humorous and describes events to be later referenced in the sequels, but it doesn't have quite the fulsomeness and exuberance of the later novels. But, hey, you have to sta The first in the series, Bless Me, Father introduces us to mainstay characters and Father Neil's starting point in his ordained duties at St. But, hey, you have to start somewhere. I enjoyed it but am actually glad this wasn't the first of the series I read. Newly ordained Catholic priest, Neil Boyd, an Englishman, finds himself assigned to a parish in a London suburb under the tutelage of an Irish Monsignor in the early 's.

Those of us who remember the Latin Mass and the pre-Vatican II church will enjoy some of the old references.

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Others may have to be content with the delightful depiction of life in a rectory, life in a small parish. The problems are all too human, the resolutions often hilarious. Jun 03, patricia rated it really liked it. Father Neil Boyd has just been ordained and is assigned as a curate for St. Jude's Parish.

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St Jude's is a parish full of characters and Irish immigrants. The pastor himself, Father Duddleswell is among those characters.

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But he knows how to deal with his fellow Irishmen et al. Neil Boyd will have you laughing as you get a glimpse of the church pre Vatican II. Bless Me Father will tickle your funny bone and make you realize how far we've come.

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Nov 25, Ryan Barretto rated it really liked it. A very entertaining read. I love how the author creates the scene and then makes you smile with the antics he puts his characters into. The parish priest is the standout character throughout, but the other characters are no less enticing. Oct 24, Carole rated it liked it. This book was marginally entertaining for me. A young priest at his first posting under the tutelage of an age I would aging priest. Not sure what was missing for me. Maybe simply an epectation of hilarity. Feb 25, Ro rated it really liked it. Jolly journey with two catholic priests.

Amusing, but interesting that the author, himself a priest, left the ministry eventually. Oct 26, Ruth rated it liked it. Sometimes a little hard to understand due to British phrases Sometimes hilarious! Sep 26, Alicia rated it liked it Shelves: made-me-laugh , 1-read-in A great before-bed read since each chapter is its own story. They are pleasant and humorous stories. Very entertaining I enjoyed this book great for light quick read. I actually laughed out loud and it takes something really funny to get that from me.

Bless me Father

Oct 18, John rated it really liked it. I remember really enjoying the British series based on these stories. Came across this and thought it would be fun. It was. Story of a young curate and the crusty but living old pastor in the 50s. Mar 27, Diane rated it really liked it. I adore that part of the world and have been known to enjoy various BBC sitcoms. So, reading this book, I expected hilarity to ensue with dry, British humor, and I was not disappointed.

The book played out like a television series, so it is not surprising that it later was made into one. Each chapter was very episodic, introducing This is a re-release of a book that inspired a hit BBC comedy in Great Britain. Each chapter was very episodic, introducing a new conflict which was overcome through the hilarious antics of the scheming Father Duddleswell.

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The story was told mainly through witty dialogue between the characters. The conversations flowed well and were punctuated with humorous remarks and sarcastic commentary. British humor is very dry and sharp and at times the comedy was made through remarks which would be profane to some; which I would refer to as British profanity. The story was told through the point of view of the young and much more conservative, Father Boyd. This served to highlight the quirky Father Duddleswell and Mrs. Pring who proved to be more than just secondary characters, but instead, moved the story along with their antagonistic yet loving relationship with one another.

They truly bickered like a long married couple which again added to the humor of the relationship in fact being that of a celibate Catholic priest and his housekeeper. For me, it made the characters very human, representing them in this light rather than the stoic, serious light Catholic Priests are usually cast in. The hilarious antics of the priests and their housekeeper left me laughing throughout the entire book. While the story revolved around this small Catholic church and their congregation, the book never fell into preaching or conveying any spiritual messages, which I did not expect as it is not labeled as Christian Fiction.

The humor in this book comes from the fact that Father Duddleswell does not act as a conventional Catholic priest is expected to act, and, along with the British profanity peppered throughout the book from the many colorful characters, I could see how this book maybe offensive to some extremely conservative readers. However, this book brings a hilarious inside look into the life of a priest who does not take himself too seriously.

This was an absolutely delightful, fun read.

enter site It kept me laughing and kept me wanting more. There, luckily, are more books in this series, so I may find myself tangled up in this comical world again. Feb 27, James Frederick rated it it was amazing. They offer a multitude of reasons for returning. Once I was entreated by a third party to hear the confession of a person with multiple personalities Which did I hear?

Bless Me, Father Bless Me, Father
Bless Me, Father Bless Me, Father
Bless Me, Father Bless Me, Father
Bless Me, Father Bless Me, Father
Bless Me, Father Bless Me, Father
Bless Me, Father Bless Me, Father
Bless Me, Father Bless Me, Father
Bless Me, Father Bless Me, Father

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